Bulk SMS Gateway

Increase sales and customer satisfaction with SMS Caampaigns, OTPs, notifications & more. Send Promotional SMS and OTP codes in over 190 Countries.

Notify your

Integrate with SplitSMS to send time-critical reminders and notifications to your customers.


Send purchase receipts, ticket information, and order confirmations via SMS   

Grow your

Get more customers and increase loyalty with highly converting SMS marketing campaigns

Bulk SMS Service

Create an account by signing up for free or get in touch with us.


Our Support Team is dedicated to helping you get SMS messages across.

Reliable Delivery

We send your messages through the most reliable routes on offer.


Easy access to information on industry best practices and regional regulations

Easy access

Access all our SMS Solutions with one account

Customer Retention

Grow sales while increasing
customer satisfaction

To build brand loyalty and adoption, consumers demand a seamless and user-friendly experince.

Providing this experience in a mobile-first world, along the full sales funnel and life cycle of consumers delivers brand loyalty which enables a long- term profitable partnership between you and your customer.

It’s simple

One platform to delivering all payment solutions allows customers a simple answer to what can be a painful process. Using Clickatell’s SMS, WhatsApp or USSD allows your customers the freedom to choose the right platform for their needs.


It’s always on

24/7 customer service answers and resolves any issues customers might have, allowing for a pain free seamless experience.


It’s integrated

Full integration of our mobile-led payment services delivers new customers and higher customer satisfaction levels and ultimately improves sales.



as low as GHC 0.025 per message

Take advantage of our cheap pricing and send more SMS while you pay for just a few. Our comparatively low-priced bundles will not only help to send more but introduce new products and communicate important information.


  • 90% of the world’s population above the age of 6 will have a mobile phone by 2020.
  • 61% of people prefer to receive offers on their mobile phones.
  • 89% of people always have their smartphones easily accessible.
  • 80 – 300 times a day we check our mobile phones.

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